Cboe OI reserach grant program

Application for the Options Institute Research Grant Program


The Options Institute (“OI”), the educational division of Cboe Exchange, Inc. (“Cboe”) is committed to supporting research directed at increasing understanding and advancement of derivatives usage and financial exchange marketplace structures. The OI will fund such research by awarding access to Cboe historical data sets to selected researchers through the OI Research Grant Program (“Program”). All research proposals must fall into at least one of the following Grant eligible topics:

  1. Derivatives Products and Markets Performance
  2. Exchange and Marketplace Structures
  3. Operations and Risk Management
  4. Decision Theory


To apply for the Program, please complete all fields in the below form and click submit.

  1. Applicant must be a faculty member or student of a qualifying, accredited educational institution.
  2. Applicant must have an established record of relevant experience and ability to complete the research project as proposed.
  3. Applicant must not be a then-current Program recipient as of the time of Application submission.
  4. Applicant acknowledges that the Grant is conditioned on the Program commitments, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • 30-60-minute meetings scheduled on a monthly basis or as otherwise mutually agreed with assigned OI Grant Review Committee member to discuss research progress.
    • Completion of proposed research project using Cboe historical data sets (within agreed upon estimated timeframe).
    • Delivery of research paper final draft to Cboe and grant of usage rights.
    • Participation in 1-2 OI webinars to discuss research, progress, and/or results.
    • Possible attendance (virtual or in-person) and research presentation at Cboe’s Risk Management Conference.
    • Engagement in communications and inquiries related to the research with OI and other parties.
  5. The OI’s provision of Cboe historical data sets is subject to applicable policies and regulatory approval.
  6. All awards are subject to additional terms and conditions to be entered into by Applicant and Cboe.
  7. It is the responsibility of Applicant to arrange with the appropriate educational institution resources for Applicant’s receipt of the data sets and for the ongoing security and limited access of such data sets as set forth in the additional Program terms and conditions.

Grant Decisions

All Applications will be reviewed by the OI Grant Review Committee. Awardees will be selected by the OI Grant Review Committee in its sole discretion. The OI Grant Review Committee meets during January and final decisions are anticipated to be communicated to applicants in February.

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See Cboe Datashop for available historic datasets